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FLY AVCARE offers Air Charter Services that are well-equipped with luxurious facilities that allow its clients to fly at their convenience and comfort. It offers a top-notch VVIP experience through its Air charters services. Its current offerings include Light jets, Mid-size jets & Super Mid-size Jets for travel within India or international locations.

FLY AVCARE Aviation (India) LLP also arranges Turboprops & Helicopters capable of landing at airports with small runways within India.


Domestic Air Charter Travel

(within India)

Fly to and within India in comfort, convenience, and exclusivity with our private jet.

With the help of FLY AVCARE customized private jet travel service in India, you may discover a world of unmatched luxury and ease. We provide easy booking of private charter, unparalleled flexibility, and a luxurious fleet of aircraft to meet all your needs. We are redefining travel with our individualized VIP experience of charter jet, expedient travel, top-notch privacy, and security, and more. Selecting us for your private jet reservation will take your trip to a whole new level of exclusivity and luxury. 

International Air Charter Travel

Take a charter flight to the place of your dreams

Take advantage of our outstanding private jet booking and flight charter service to take your foreign travel to new heights. Choose us and you’re choosing the peak of exclusivity, convenience, and luxury. We guarantee that your private jet travel trip is customized to your preferences thanks to our easy private jet booking process, wide fleet of luxurious aircraft, and amazing flexibility. Prioritize your security and privacy while getting the VIP Private Jet service and saving important time.



A charter flight is a non-scheduled commercial flight that can be utilized for personal or business travel. These flights can accommodate individual passengers or small groups, making them extremely safe and comfortable. As a passenger, you would have complete control over the itinerary so that you can travel at your convenience, and on your terms. Charter flights also include premium on-board services and luxurious seating, to further enhance your flying experience.

You simply have to get in touch with us, and our representative will guide you through every step of the process. We will understand your requirement and help you select the best option from the wide range of aircrafts available. Once you have made a selection, you will be directed to the payment process to confirm your booking.

Private charter aircrafts are designed to maximize safety and comfort. These are personalized flights which ensure minimum waiting time at the airport, hygienic surroundings and a controlled environment. The crew is properly trained in safety and hygiene practices, and the pilots are duly certified, with most of them having more than 8000 hrs of flying experience.

There is no defined time frame to book your air charters. However, we recommend that you book your private jet rental as early as possible to secure your preferred aircraft.

We are always there to assist you for all your needs. You can call us, in case you want to reschedule your flight. However please note that rescheduling the flight to any day other than the scheduled day of departure might incur additional charges.

FLY AVCARE dedicated account managers will advise you with a suitable aircraft based on your requirements and destination which further assists you in your decision-making. Typically, it depends on the destination and the number of passengers (pay loads).

The amount of luggage that can be taken on a private jet depends on the size of the aircraft and the number of passengers travelling.

To own a private jet in India, you should have a monthly revenue of at least 3-4 crore INR and a net worth exceeding 50-60 crore INR. FLY AVCARE is a prominent private aviation company in India, offering charter and management services.

While there are private jet charter providers that do sell single seats on private jets, FLY AVCARE do provide this. We believe client safety is the most important factor to consider when booking charter flights, and we believe it’s safer for all involved if entire aircraft are chartered. Even when you choose a single seat booking for a private jet, your privacy is taken care of. For us client satisfaction is more important.


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